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Libertex Pros & Cons
  • Low minimum deposit of 100 EUR lowers makes the platform very accessible
  • Simple yet powerful browser-based platform is easy to use and contains a rich toolset
  • Zero spreads on all accounts and instrument types
  • Large selection of over 200 different tradeable assets including cryptocurrencies, forex pairs, indices, stocks, commodities and more
  • 50% discount on commissions for new Libertex members
  • Traders have only two account choices available from Libertex
  • There is no copy-trading compatibility
  • Limited amount of educational resources
Who Is Libertex Recommended For?

7x彩票网平台Libertex is primarily for EU-based traders who value regulation and compliance, prefer a clean and intuitive interface with requiring access to a plethora of options when it comes to account types or available trading platforms. More important to Libertex traders is simplicity, without compromising the single platform’s selection of supported payment methods or instruments. This makes it easy to expose one’s capital to their preferred market or asset with little deliberation over which account is best or how to take advantage of sophisticated tools that might not be necessary. Finally, traders who prefer a zero-spread model with commissions will appreciate Libertex for offering a fee schedule that reflects this attitude.

Regulated By
  • Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (Cyprus)
Top Libertex Features

Authorized and Regulated Broker:7x彩票网平台 A prerequisite for any reputable trading platform, strict regulatory compliance is a must for Libertex and covers segregation of client funds, security standards for the broker’s platforms and tools, and privacy for user financial and personal information.

Generous Leverage for All: All Libertex traders have access to leverage for every instrument available on its platform, regardless of whether they’re a Professional or a Retail accountholder. Even those with the basic Retail account can trade forex with leverage up to 1:30, though it varies by instrument while Professional traders can access leverage up to 1:600.

Commission Discount for New Members:7x彩票网平台 As a commission-only trading model, Libertex applies a small, competitive commission to each trade. New members are eligible for the broker’s generous 50% discount on these commissions, which adds up significantly over time, especially for frequent traders.

Simple, Convenient Platform: Libertex traders gain access to the broker’s own proprietary web platform—a custom portal that’s organized in a uncomplicated manner yet still contains all the necessary order types and indicators applied to most common trading strategies.

Zero Spreads: For a commission-only trading model, the obvious benefit is a complete absence of spreads on all instruments and account types offered by Libertex. This means the price that traders see is what they get, with no extra markup between bid and ask prices. This makes it easier to determine exact levels of entry and exit for traders who value precision.

Libertex Overview
  • Type of Broker Market maker
  • Regulation & Licensing Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (Cyprus)
  • Assets Offered Currencies, Cryptocurrencies, Shares/stocks, CFDs, Commodities, Indices, Bonds
  • Platforms Available Libertex Webtrader
  • Mobile Compatibility iOS Android
  • Payment Types Accepted Credit/debit card, Bank wire transfer, Skrill, Neteller, QIWI, WebMoney
Trading and Investment Tools Trading Platforms
  • Libertex
  • One Click Trading: No
  • Trade off Charts: Yes
  • Email Alerts: Yes
  • Stop Order: Yes
  • Market Order: Yes
  • Trailing Stop Order: No
  • OCO Orders: Yes
  • Limit Order: Yes
  • 24hr Trading: Yes
  • Charting Package: No
  • Streaming News Feed: Yes
Libertex Compliance & Regulation

7x彩票网平台Libertex has obtained a license to passport brokerage services across the EU—a strictly regulated region that puts a premium on investor protections. The entity authorizing Libertex is CySEC—the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission—which maintains a vigilant watch over the brokers under its supervision in the areas of information and fund security, transparent pricing, frequent reporting and more. Accordingly, Libertex traders can trade without concern over anything but their own ability to identify and navigate market opportunities.

Libertex Pricing

Libertex is notable for the fact that it has zero spreads on all accounts and on all instruments, so the way it makes money is by tacking on a small commission to each $1,000 invested that varies between assets and multiplies with leverage. That means if a trader opens a position to buy AUDCAD (the Australian dollar against the Canadian dollar) for $1,000 with 5x leverage, the 0.033% commission without leverage would have been $33.00, but with the multiplier ends up totaling $165.00.

7x彩票网平台Libertex also charges a fee for inactive accounts with a balance less than $10,000: $5 per month, and when one withdraws from an “inactive” account (no trade activity for 180 days) then an additional 2.00% of the withdrawal is applied on top of the regular (unspecified) withdrawal fee. These are the only charges, however, and are easy for forward-thinking traders to plan for and avoid.

Service Details
  • Supported Languages: Chinese, English, Italian, Russian, Spanish
  • Customer Service By: Forums, Newsletter, Call Back, Phone, Chat, Email
  • Telephone Orders: No
  • Personal Account Manager: No
Libertex Reliability & Security

Traders in 27 countries across the globe trust Libertex with their funds, information, and to maintain the uptime and speed of its proprietary web trader. Though Libertex draws from over 20 years of experience as a market maker, its regulated and licensed status with the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission lends further credence to its reliability. CySEC imposes strict rules on Libertex in order for its EU traders to trade without concern for their information, funds, or their privacy.

With Libertex, all the ideal conditions for trading exist including the secure segregation of user funds from the broker’s own operational capital, protection of user financial and personal data, and vigorous encryption on the website and trading platform. All this adds up to give traders a proprietary ecosystem that’s secured against the biggest potential threats.

Libertex User Experience

The experience a user will encounter with Libertex is unique for the industry in several regards. Virtually everything is done through the broker’s website exclusively, rather than external banking or trading portals, which makes things simpler and more consolidated for the trader journey from acquiring information to trade execution. After registering with an email and password, you can log in and verify your details on the website (including bank account details if you plan on making a bank wire deposit). Funding your account is effortless—simply input the details of your credit card or e-wallet (Skrill is an example) and press Deposit. Your balance will show up on the Libertex browser platform in less than two days on average.

7x彩票网平台The Libertex web trader platform is a clean interface with instruments on the top (including custom categories such as Top Rising and Top Falling), a panel for selecting individual instruments from the asset class on the left, a main chart window with basic indicators, a Favorites window, a News and Analytics ticker for urgent market-impacting events, and of course a right-hand box containing open and past orders. After clicking the Open Trade Position button, all limit and market order types and parameters are available. More indicators and details are available when the chart window is expanded into full-screen mode.

Final Thoughts on Libertex

A unique broker among many that seem to universally copy one another, Libertex is a refreshing departure from the features that traders have come to expect. Though traders are currently restricted to the Libertex web platform (also on mobile), Libertex offers one of the widest arrays of tradeable assets, available to all traders with leverage and zero spreads. This makes it especially effective for those who want to be able to plan precise entry and exit points when trading virtually any asset, and without tolerating an exorbitant minimum deposit or variable spread. While we would have liked to see more robust trading education, the broker ranks firmly in the upper tier of the industry.

Trading Platform Screenshots
  • Image of Libertex home page and banner advertising the trade pick of the week, and navigation buttons to register and log in, view the broker’s assets and other specifications, and account portal.
  • The Image of Libertex web trader browser-based trading platform that includes charting, multiple order types, news and analytics
  • Image of Libertex Professional account conditions detailing the volume-based milestones, experience required, and higher levels of leverage that are accessible.
  • Image of available Libertex assets that allows traders to search for assets to trade and to open buy or sell positions in currencies, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and more directly from the page
  • Image of the Libertex News section featuring multiple articles designed to help inform millions of traders on current market events.
Contact Info
laptop Website:
laptop Email:
call Telephone: +357 22 025 100
location_on Company Address:
Iakovou Tompazi 1 Vashiotis business center office 101 Neapoli 3107 Limassol
Libertex FAQs

7x彩票网平台Q: What is required to obtain a Libertex Professional account?

A: To access a Professional account from Libertex you’ll need to meet two of the three following conditions:

  • You’ve performed an average of at least 10 transactions of significant size per quarter over the past four measuring periods.
  • You have relevant accreditation and experience in a professional setting in the financial sector. The position must require in-depth knowledge of related transactions and services.
  • You have a financial instrument portfolio exceeding 500,000 EUR (including cash savings and financial assets). You won’t be required to deposit this amount.


Q: I have a Retail account but can’t figure out how to open a cryptocurrency trade with 1:30 leverage. What gives?

A: The maximum amount of leverage available to Retail accountholders is 1:30, but this applies to forex pairs only. A per-instrument leverage maximum also applies, and for crypto it’s 1:2 for Retail account holders.


Q: Does no spread mean that there aren’t any fees on trades?

7x彩票网平台A: No. Spreads are replaced by a fixed percentage commission on every $1,000 traded, and this amount is multiplied by the leverage used on the trade.


Q: Are there withdrawal fees on Libertex?

A: There are no withdrawal fees, unless the trader has been inactive for at least 180 days, at which point their withdrawal is subject to a 2.00% charge.


Q: What’s the longest time I’ll wait before my deposit or withdrawal goes through?

A: Five days.

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